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Acrylic render

Acrylic render is a finishing coat for render, containing aggregates to display an attractive finish. It is applied to new and existing render to seal and enhance the appearance. Acrylic render is available in a wide range of colours and textures ranging from 1mm to 3mm aggregate size.

Cement Render

 Modern cement render is much harder and stronger than lime render. A sealed or painted cement render can benefit a building in certain circumstances by helping prevent penetrating damp. Cement renders are generally mixed using ordinary Portland cement.

Oxides Colours 

Oxides provide building designers with unlimited options for creating unique and aesthetically desirable cement tones. Manufacturers of cement products use oxides for surface and through-coloured products. Oxides are used by Bricklayers to produce attractive mortar colours for homes and in landscaping and concreters use Oxides to produce a variety of modern effects for paths and driveways. There are fine examples of oxides used in upmarket pattern-paving that has become so popular for its practical beauty.


Bagging highlights any imperfections rather than hiding them. A bagged wall gives a rustic appearance and the pigments used are similar to the ones used in Tuscany. It is usually applied to a wall without much precision and it allows for irregularities, bumps and a little calculated chaos.

Wall Rendering

Rendering is the process of applying a special surface to the exterior brick, cement or stone buildings; the end result can transform the overall appearance of a home, giving it an attractive, modern look. The mix applied can be smoothed, coloured, painted or textured depending on the look and feel you are after.

Texture Colour

Texture Colour is a contemporary render style. It's a coloured finish, any tint you specify to us, and may be used internally or externally.

Texture colour coatings are manufactured from the highest quality emulsions, sands and selected fillers, together with fungicides to provide a long lasting, high quality finish.

Polystyrene Render

One of the more recent developments in domestic renovations is the introduction of Polystyrene Cladding. Very cost effective and providing superior insulation, this method is gaining immense popularity, especially in the renovation market.


Often referred to as the traditional or “proper” internal finish, once completed will present a shiny, ultra-smooth, glass-like finish of approximately 2-3mm in thickness.